Aaj Ki Raat

VP: Abhijit Mudigonda

Arranged by: Abhijit Mudigonda

Ye Jo Des Hai Tera

Soloists: Ensemble

VP: Abhijit Mudigonda

Arranged by: Dheekshita Kumar

Tu Hi Junoon - Tightrope

Soloists: Abhijit Mudigonda and Dheekshita Kumar

VP: Liam Conboy

Arranged by: Rupayan Neogy

2. Sankara Eye Foundation

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Writings on the Wall

Soloists: Neel Khanna and Aarthi Ganesh

VP: Aditya Ayakkad

Arranged by: Deepti Konduru

Enna Sona Medley

Soloists: Ashray Wadhwa, Mifrah Baqai, Natasha Shah, and Shruti Kumar

VP: Aditya Ayakkad

Arranged by: Ujjval Savaranan and Archit Gupta


Soloists: Mifrah Baqai and Neel Khanna

VP: Aditya Ayakkad

Arranged by: Archit Gupta

Make It Rain

Soloists: Claire Towell

VP: Mason Satnick

Arranged by: Yoku Crentsil

Don't Stop Me Now

Soloists: Johnny Ferreira

VP: Mason Satnick

Arranged by: Grace Lee


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Hurt

Soloists: Dipto Bose and Janki Patel

VP: Alisha Bhagwat

Arranged by: Roshini Srinivasan

Porcelain - O Paalanhaare

Soloists: Alisha Bhagwat, Ken Farmer, and Roshini Srinivasan

Arranged by: Roshini Srinivasan

Alarm - Sun Saathiya - Don't Let Me Down

Soloists: Janki Patel, Anisha Bhatt, and Brianna York

VP: Alisha Bhagwat

Arranged by: Roshini Srinivasan

Vaseegara - Bird Set Free

Soloists: Koyal Ansingkar and Sonali Raghavan

VP: Mukund Pandiri

Arranged by: Curren Tipnis and Christina Mathew

Heathens - Sanware

Soloists: Jumana Master

VP: Mukund Pandiri

Arranged by: Curren Tipnis and Christina Mathew


Soloists: Ria Ray and Pramod Philip

VP: Mukund Pandiri

Arranged by: Curren Tipnis and Christina Mathew

7. Natya


Junoon (meaning passion and intensity) showcases the versatility of the classical dance form of Bharatanatyam along with modern musical Western styles. Merging these two differently styles show how this ancient, classical art form can be brought into the new era. The dancers are able to portray and exemplify Junoon with intense nritta sequences with both strength and grace. The seamless fluidity between the styles will enhance the power of this beautiful art form.


Soloists: Kavya Raghunath

VP: Pranav Bhojraj

Arranged by: Shams Ahmed

The Whisperer - Tu Har Lamha

Soloists: Neeha Kadiveti and Pratik Shah

VP: Pranav Bhojraj

Arranged by: Riti Suresh and Pratik Shah

Sooraj Dooba Hai - Without You

Soloists: Pooja Rajan, Parth Shintre, and Riti Suresh

VP: Pranav Bhojraj

Arranged by: Shams Ahmed

Performing Teams

MIT Ohms

MIT Ohms

The Ohms are MIT's electrifying South Asian A Cappella Group. They fuse their classical South Asian coats with millennial hits to create a sound that appeals on a universal scale. They're really excited to come to Rutgers to share the stage with some of the best groups in the nation.

UMD Anokha

UMD Anokha

Anokha is a co-ed South Asian/American fusion A Cappella group at the University of Maryland. They sing all genres of music, from rap to rock to Bhangra to Bollywood, and perform and compete all over the country.

OSU Dhadkan

OSU Dhadkan

OSU Dhadkan is the premier South Asian co-ed A Cappella team at the Ohio State University. A 6th year team, Dhadkan is comprised of students from all backgrounds and academic majors. In addition to competing and performing on the national level, the team is deeply involved in university community performances and events. Past South Asian competitions they have participated in include Gathe Raho, Anahat, Sangeet Saagar, Awaazein (placing 3rd in 2015) and Steel City Sapna (placing 2nd in 2017). Dhadkan is also thrilled to be releasing its first EP this year.

GT Taal Tadka

Taal Tadka

Taal Tadka is Georgia Tech's Premier South Asian Fusion A Cappella Team and they’ve just celebrated their 10 year anniversary! Originally from Atlanta, this team has performed in showcases and competitions across the country and are excited to show New Jersey what they’ve got! They’ve just released their latest single on Spotify and iTunes this past July and even have a full album to their name. As their name suggests, they believe in creating a "spiced up rhythm" with their voices. Give it up for Taal Tadka!

Rutgers RAAG

Rutgers RAAG

In the spring of 2002, a mutual love for music and culture drove a couple of individuals to harness the talents of Rutgers' student body to create the nation's first co-ed South Asian a cappella group. And thus, RAAG (Rutgers Asian A cappella Group) was born. The group was founded upon the desire to share with audiences the art of a cappella; with a South Asian twist!

Exhibition Acts

Rutgers Deep Treble

Deep Treble

Deep Treble is one of Rutgers' oldest a Cappella groups, coming up on their 20th anniversary! The group strives to provide a diverse set of music for the Rutgers and surrounding communities, singing music from various genres. Be sure to check out their winter concert with Casual Harmony, another Rutgers a Cappella group, on December 1st.

Rutgers Natya


Since being founded in 2008, Rutgers University Natya has brought together various forms of Indian classical dance to university, state and national audiences. With 9 award-winning performances at past collegiate competitions and a feature in the New York Times, Natya has received much recognition and appreciation. With passion, tradition, and dedication, Natya hopes to continue preserving the integrity of the Indian classical arts.

About the Charity

Sankara Eye Foundation

Partial proceeds from this event will benefit the Rutgers Chapter of Sankara Eye Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to provide funds towards surgeries for curable blindness. Money fundraised through the organization is used to fund surgeries and build new hospitals across Southeast Asia.

About the Clinician

Mel Daneke

Hailing from Brooklyn, Mel Daneke is a contemporary performer, arranger, producer, and instructor. Mel graduated from Ithaca College in December of 2013 with a B.M. in Vocal Performance, minor in Audio Production, and also studied Music Education. While in college, she performed in three of her own conceptual recitals and in the IC Opera Studio, Opera Workshops, IC Opera, Choral Ensembles, Percussion and Steel Band Ensemble, and smaller ensembles. She's traveled to Germany performing in the International Performing Arts Institute to further her performance training. While at school, Mel was the conductor, arranger, and choreographer of Ithaca College's all-female a cappella group, Premium Blend.

After graduation, Mel auditioned and was accepted into the internationally renowned vocal band, Musae, as the group's Vocal Percussionist. With Musae, she's traveled extensively performing at festivals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and all over the United States. Under her artist name, Del Manks, she releases covers and original work. Her works and CARA-nominated production has appeared on compilations like Sing, BOHSA, Voices Only, and Voices Only Forte.

Mel's passion for music continues through teaching and sharing her musical knowledge. With an extensive knowledge of vocal techniques and pedagogy, she specializes in in-studio coaching and masterclasses. Her workshops ("Exploring the Voice", "Vocal Percussion", "Bodymind Awareness") and masterclasses have been featured at Boston Sings Festival, SoJam A Cappella Festival, Kettering A Cappella Festival, UK Voices Festival, New Jersey A Cappella Festival, the National A Cappella Convention, and NJ American Choral Directors Association (NJACDA).

Mel has a knack for exploring and creating new sounds produced from the human voice. Her production work stems from a love of percussion and vocal music. Mel consistently draws inspiration from her diverse background in many styles of music, including Percussion Ensemble and Steel Band Music, EDM, R&B, Funk, Gospel, Opera, Glo-Fi, Rock, and Reggae.


RU Diya

Rutgers DIYA

Rutgers Desi Intercultural Youth Association, also known as DIYA, is one of the largest and most inclusive south Asian organizations at Rutgers University New Brunswick. DIYA’s goal is to share south Asian culture and promote its awareness amongst the student body. DIYA aims to achieve south Asian unity through performances, the arts, discussions, and celebrations of various south Asian holidays and programs that bring light to the issues facing the south Asian community. DIYA was recognized as the AACC’s student organization of the year, during the previous school year.

She's the First

She's the First

She’s the First is a national non-profit organization that provides scholarships to girls who are the first in their families to get an education. We work with grassroots organizations in eleven countries to help young girls overcome hurdles that prevent them from going to school, whether those are financial, social, or physical. All of our scholars are dedicated, passionate and ready to change the world. These girls need YOUR help to succeed and create a ripple effect of positive change!

Donors can go here to donate. All proceeds go directly towards scholarships, and no amount is too small!

Jhoom Dynamix

Jhoom Dynamix is a non-competitive South Asian dance team that adds a fusion twist to Indian dance forms! Founded in September 2012, Jhoom Dynamix has created a unique place for itself in the Rutgers community. The purpose of the organization is to provide a platform for students with a strong passion in Indian dance, pertaining to genres such as Bollywood, Classical, Hip Hop and Fusion, recruit talent and potential of individuals with experience levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Jhoom Dynamix strives to serve back to the Rutgers community by performing for charity events and raising awareness for different causes.

Bengali Students Association

Bengali Student Association

The Bengali Students Association at Rutgers illustrates the diverse cultures of Bengali communities worldwide. We strive to establish our cultural identity by sharing with and educating other. The upcoming event, Tigerfest on November 18, showcases Bengali culture through song, dance, plays, and food. The event will be held at 7 pm in the Busch Student Center MPR. It is a culmination of all the effort of BSA to produce an event that is open to all students as well as the New Brunswick community.